CECHS Recruitment

Students who wish to attend Cleveland Early College High School can apply during the spring semester of their 8th grade year.  CECHS staff and students will make visits to all four CCS zone middle schools at the beginning of the spring semester.  The enrollment process is as follows:

  • Students and parents are invited to attend one of our interest meetings held in February. 
  • Students will then submit an application to CECHS via their middle school counselor.  
  • Once applications have been processed, applicants will then attend a 1-on-1 interview to discuss why they would like to attend CECHS
  • Student names will be sent to a lottery system in Greensboro, NC.
  • CECHS will accept between 55 and 65 students for each incoming cohort.
  • All students, regardless of acceptance, will be notified of their acceptance status.
  • Accepted students will be called to confirm and enrolled into the incoming Freshman class.
  • Students who are not accepted are put on a waiting list.  Students on this list are called to fill positions in case another applicant rejects their acceptance.

For any questions about enrollment, feel free to contact us!

CECHS Enrollment