Frequently Asked Questions are organized by category. 


Q. What high school course do all students take at CECHS?
A. Students take all honors level high school courses required to graduate from high school in North Carolina.

Q. What sorts of college courses to students take at CECHS?
A. Our focus at CECHS is preparation for post secondary education and life in the 21st century. Therefore, we aim to equip our students with the classes they will need to achieve future degrees and four year universities and colleges, as well as classes that will help student get jobs immediately after high school. These include college level sciences, foreign languages, history, English, health and human services, and more. For more specific questions and answers, please contact us.


Q. How do I apply to CECHS?
A. To apply to CECHS, students (and/or their parent(s)) should contact their middle school counselor. Applications are due in the spring of the year, and the applying student and at lease one parent must attend one of the four interest meetings. 

Q. Is admission to CECHS competitive? 
A. While there are minimum requirements and a required interview, admission to CECHS is not competitive. However, there are a limited number of spots available, and every year there are more applicants than there are spaces. As a result, a lottery system is used to select students. 

Q. If a student does not get selected in the lottery system, is there a waiting list? 
A. Yes. However, there is no way of knowing how many students will forfeit their space, freeing up space for a student on the waiting list.

Q. When will students find out they were accepted?
A. Students will find out if they're accepted in late spring the school year before they are to attend CECHS. 

Calendar and School Days

Q. Does CECHS operate on the same calendar as other schools in CECHS? 
A. No. CECHS operates on their own school calendar. School usually begins in early August and ends in late May. Also, workdays and the distribution of report card and interim reports occur on different days. Download our calendar here. 

Q. What happens in the event of inclement weather?
A. If any of the zone high schools in the district are closed due to inclement weather, CECHS is closed as well. If schools are delayed, CECHS is delayed as well.


Q. What degree(s) can be obtained through CECHS?
A. At Cleveland Early College High School, you can earn an Associate of Arts or an Associate of General Education. Both of these degrees include courses generally taken during a college student's first and second year. They include math, science, humanities and foreign languages.


Q. What sort of clubs are offered at CECHS?
A. While the list of clubs offered each year changes slightly due to teacher sponsorship, there are a few that generally stay the same. For example; the Yearbook Club, Student Government, and Event Planning are clubs each year. Other clubs might include; Sports Club, Service Club, Game Club, Music Club, Art Club, Film Club, Drama Club, and more. 

Q. Does CECHS offer organized sports, band, or chorus?
A. Because of the workload our students take on, we do not offer organized sports, band, or chorus. 


Q. Can I drop off my student by car?
A. Yes.

Q. Is bus transportation available?
A. Yes. If a student needs to ride the bus to CECHS, there are yellow busses that will pick up students and take them to their zone school in the morning and shuttle busses from each high school to CECHS. In afternoon, students can ride the shuttle from CECHS to their zone school but must be picked up from their zone school by a parent or guardian.