New Friday Schedule Next Semester

New Friday Schedule Next Semester
Posted on 11/22/2022

Currently, our Friday college classes meet once a week for 2 (some 2 ½ hours).  In discussing future scheduling with CCC and talking with surrounding early college principals, we decided that it would be best for students to not have Friday college classes.  This would benefit our students in many ways.  It would increase time in high school core classes on Friday, it would allow for community engagement on Friday afternoons (special projects/Club-sponsored activities), it would allow for intensives, college visits, and other EL opportunities, and it would help balance the current college course load.  

We first took this idea to our School Improvement Team, who unanimously agreed, and then we proposed the idea to the Education Committee at the district level.  The proposal is as follows: CECHS would like to dismiss on Fridays at 2:00pm due to no college classes.  We would like for this to begin spring semester - January 5, 2023.  They agreed and recommended that the CCS Board of Education vote on this proposal.  At last night’s board meeting, the board unanimously approved our proposal.

Students will still be well on track to graduate with an associate degree and a high school diploma in 4 years.  Some may even add a certificate as well.  Course progression (college hours) will be similar to the following:

  • 9th grade – at least 10 CCC credit hours
  • 10th grade – at least 12 CCC credit hours
  • 11th grade – at least 17 CCC credit hours
  • 12th grade – remaining CCC credit hours (approximately 21 hours)

We are so excited for the opportunities this schedule opens up for our students!  To mitigate any confusion, all early release days will have a 2:00pm dismissal time beginning next semester.


Click here to download the letter from Ms. Nichols!