Spirit Rock

CECHS Spirit Rock

Support the CECHS Student Ambassadors and reserve a spot on the Rock!  Located in the front entrance of our school, all students pass by our rock on their way to class.  Celebrate birthdays, events, give shoutouts, etc. for all to see! 

The cost is only 5 dollars per week!


  • Paint, labor, and supples must be supplied by the person/family renting the rock.
  • The person/family painting the rock assumes responsibility for all people involved.
  • Paint may only be used on the rock itself.
  • What is painted on the rock must be in good taste and may not contain foul language, discriminatory remarks or political remarks.  Profanity and obscenities are prohibited.  What is painted must be in accordance to Cleveland County Schools Student Code of Conduct.
  • CECHS reserves the right to paint over anything deemed inappropriate.

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